Well loyal readers and fans it is time to grip it and rip it.The long winter is over and itís time to begin the season.Granted you couldnít tell the winter was over from last weeks practice round.Not only did we have rain but about the time the first group got to the seventh hole the rain began to bounce.Thatís right it was sleeting.The golfers cold and wet, now had to endure the ice.In the old days this would have been a rain out.However, with the course under new management, the attitudes have changed.There is no loyalty to the leagues.The only loyalty is to the almighty dollar.If the leagues donít like it they were told they could leave and play somewhere else.Knowing full well that all the courses had long waiting lists and there would be no courses to be found.Even the restaurant, which was always top notch, had less then half a menu and no specials for the leagues.The excuse, ďIt snowed last Sunday so we couldnít get the food in time.ĒWell itís time to get off my soap box and down to the more serious matters.The reason we are all here and the reason this publication is so widely read.GOLF!


Not much happened during the practice round to talk about, except for Jon Klob hitting Halís bag with a golf ball.Only thing is Hal was carrying it at the time.Some scores were surprisingly lower then expected and some where somewhat higher then expected.Overall it looked just like it should at the end of a long winter and with lousy weather conditions.It make it tough for the initial picks by the Peerless Prognosticator.However, picks will be made and you all see that the unmatched prognostications will be as accurate and precise as ever.So without further ado, here we go.


Steedman/HebertvsVanDenburgh/McTagueClearly this is a no contest match.McTague always gets up for Steedman and his season is made if he beats him.VanDenburgh is capable of playing fairly well, but this early in the season donít expect much from him.As for Hebert, well, what can be said?A man who shot 62 in the practice session with a 12 on one hole, clearly is not ready for match play.With the weather being bad all week long you know he never got the chance to hit balls or practice.That leaves the onus on Steedman.Is he up to the task?Damned right he is.He will not let the no talent McTague take this one.Even with all the blows he has to give away, his team will win this one going away.


Dooley/GardnervsKosek/StormsUnder normal circumstances, I would probably pick Kosek/Storms here, but, these are not normal circumstances.The rebuilt Gardner was seen hitting the ball very solidly during the practice round, and Dooley shot unusually well for his first round of the season.Seems the weather didnít bother this group.Kosek, who spent some of the off season playing golf in the Caribbean, must have shot his load there.Was it too cold for him or has his lack of talent simply risen to the occasion?Storms, clearly not a cold weather golfer did nothing to impress.Given these factors this is a runaway match for Dooley/Gardner.The only thing that will keep Kosek/Storms out of the cellar after week one is Plante/Morone and VanDenburg/McTague.


Dugan/DwyervsD. Roedel/WanbackHere is the first match for the new team of the league.Dugan/Dwyer (The Double Dís), obviously overmatched here, will be getting more blows the crew of the U.S.S. Constitution on shore leave.This will be to no avail.The pressure of their first match combined with an apparent lack of talent will take its toll.The only thing that helps them here is all the blows they get.It will be a lot tougher then one would think for Don and Paul because of the many red dots on the card.They surly will overcome them for a victory, but it will be closer then one would anticipate.They will never be in danger of losing the match, but it will be somewhat close.


Daggett/R. RoedelvsWallin/KlobWarren unable to make the practice round last week will have a distinct disadvantage here.Starting off against a team that (on paper) looks to be one of the teams to beat this year.Mike and Ron have the talent to take it all.Mike out of his rookie season with this league surely can play the game.OK, Mike was not really a rookie last year, but he had been away from the intense competition that this league offers for a long time.He now has a year under his belt and will be much more settled.Ron, who suffered from losing his longtime partner Joe Herbs, will rebound to his old golf ways.He finally has a partner he doesnít have to carry.Klob on the other hand still has the same game we have all come to know and love.Remember he did hit Halís bag last week.What does this mean towards the match?Nothing or everything?You got it everything.Daggett/Roedel will win this one big.They should be at the top of the leader board after week one.


Plante/MoronevsLaFontaine/MerryMerry is another that missed the practice round last week and will be coming out cold.This couldnít happen at a better time.Plante is out with an injury for the next few weeks leaving his partner wondering(who should be on the milk carton?).It was Plante that gave the nickname to his partner last year and it stuck like glue.Has the worm turned?We will see.Morone definitely does not have the talent to win it by himself.True Merry is quite a load for LaFontaine to carry, but given the ease of this match Hal will have no problem doing it here.Hal shot respectable during practice given the fact it was his first round of the season with no practice before it.He actually showed some moments of brilliance.There are a lot of dots on this card but, wit the one that gets the most (Plante) out, it kind of equals out because many of the dots go to Halís partner.Not as many as Morone, but enough to make the difference.Easy win here for Hal and the (Yellow Submarine) Merry.Remember, Merry always starts out well and then takes the deep and often rapids dives as the season progresses.