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Well loyal readers it looks like the Peerless Prognosticator went 3 for 5 last week.
However this could not be helped. As predicted Steedman/LaFontaine walked through
their match with all 2 point holes. It seems they had an 8-0 lead after 4 holes then let up
and let Merry/Gardy back in the match by losing the next 3 holes. Laughing all the way
they then put on the surge to easily close them out by winning the next 2 for a 14-6
victory. As predicted a walk in the park. Dooley/Herbs squeaked by (as predicted) and
Roedel/Wanback cruised to victory. In the two erred picks it seems the Peerless
was not given all the information required to make a solid pick.
Matthews was making is farewell appearance and could care less about winning. It seems
work issues are pressing and he can't make the required commitment to the grinding tour.
He will however Sub from time to time. This allowed Hebert/Marone to rise from the
bowels of hell and steal a victory. Even at that they could only muster a 12-8. Big deal!
In the other loss this editor was not privy to the fact that Ron would not be there to bail
Joe's sorry ass
out of the fire. If you recall it was stated that Ron would be the deciding factor in the
match. Even with the little talent Joe has he was able to keep it close. Had these facts
been available it surly would have been a 5 for 5 week.

Not much memorable happened this week, aside form Clem's Wiff. This league must
start to get more productive or it will not be worth covering. But after 20+ years covering
this bunch of losers you know it will only get better. Stay tuned for future
Since Brian Matthews could no longer dedicate the required time and stepped down from
the league, we have some new talent. Joe Murray will now pair up with McTague.
When is Tom going to learn. He has had more partners then a downtown hooker. Joe
(the Payne Steuart of the league) will be a refreshing relief to Tom. A much smaller load
to carry. In fact, it will be Joe's back that will need to be strong. Good Luck Joe!

For this week the matches look fairly simple to predict. So with out further ado:

J. Herbs/ R. Roedel vs Dooley/ K. Herbs The first father son match up. What will it
bring. On paper (if Ron is back) this match should be no contest. Ron is the only golfer in
this group and could make this a laugher. However if he is not able to make it this could
be worse then watching a Cubs game. You are not sure of the outcome but who cares?
The father son match up will have no bearing here. Dooley's lack of talent will take care
of Kelly's desire to beat the old man. Herbs/Roedel easily.

Steedman/LaFontaine vs D. Roedel/Wanback This is a little early but the two front
runners face off. This will be a tough match for Hal & Jerry. They meet Paul on the only
side he can play and Don is always steady. This is last years Co-Champions against the
former Chokers. If you recall some time ago Don and Paul "lost" to Ron and Joe in a
playoff for top honor of the league. There is still some question as to why. Blood is
thicker then water.
It is too early for the pressure to get to anyone in this match. Rain is
predicted for the day and that could be the only saving grace for Hal & Jerry. They will
remain tough and keep the match close. In a squeaker Don and Paul.

Merry/Gardy vs Murray/McTague No contest here. One would think that a
newcomer in the league could not withstand the pressures of competition. But Tom
knows Joe and will surly be intimidated by his presence. Joe will be loose thinking he has
a partner in Tom (unfortunately that will soon end, probably after the first hole). Gardy's
love interest will keep him from any good golf. He is still reeling from the thrashing put to
him by Hal and Jerry last week. Bill, mean while, is oblivious to anything. He will
continue to drag this team down. It used to be you could count on the Yellow
to at least start the season well and then sink like a rock. Well where does a
Sub go when it is already on the bottom? It could get ugly this year. Murray and
McTague "cruise". No torpedoes to shoot for Bill and Tom.

LaPietra/Laraway vs Hebert/Marone Well here is one sure way to get a victory. Play
against Hebert/Marone. If it wasn't for the leaving of Matthews last week, this team
would have a lock on the cellar. But not to worry. They will soon own the old familiar
musty spot of dead ass last. Phil will be out to prove something after a dismal round last
week. He was the reason the match wasn't even close. But watch out! Ass kickin week.
This match will be worse then the WWF. The outcome is set and you watch it anyway for
the laughs. The margin of victory here will be X rated. The no talent of Hebert/Marone
will show. They should pray for rain.

Rinella/Rinella vs Kosek/Storms Father-Son get first victory. I know I usually give
some verbiage before the prediction but in this case, WHY? It just isn't worth it. Russ
and Ken lost to the no talent Dooley/Herbs team. How low can you go. The only thing
worse would be to get beat by Hebert/Marone. Russ was just too worn down from the
heavy week in the Bahamas and Ken could not do it alone. With the weather being
somewhat inclement Russ will be of no help. Rinella Squared with a large margin of

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